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Product details:

  • 8 Pink Roses
  • 5 Pink lilies
  • 10 Purple Daisies
  • Greens leaves
  • 1 purple ribbon
  • white and purple paper

This is a wonderful mixed purple and pink rose group. Additionally, purple is a picture of dedication. Express your appreciated one how ardent you are .this is a beautiful rose group. Really, quickly, significantly is a rose group where four pink lilies 4 pink roses. Purple Daisy blooms all things considered encased By a shining paper attached with purple and pink stripes.

Flowers Facts:

  • Researchers found the world's most seasoned Flowers in 2002, in upper east China. The Flowers, named Archaefructus Sinensis, sprouted around 125 million years back and takes after a water lily.

Product Delivery Information:

  • The picture shown is similar to the actual product. The original one may differ in the number of Flowers and size considering the availability.
  • Flowers might be delivered in a completely open, totally bloomed, semi-blossomed, or bud stage.
  • The delivery time will be perfect and relies upon the accessibility of the product and it reaches the preferred location in time.
  • Mention the exact and correct address. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address. As Flowers can decay, They may lose their freshness and fragrance.
  • This item is hand-delivered and won't be delivered through courier items.
  • Sometimes we may replace any flower because of any local inaccessibility issues.

Handle with care:

  • Don't expose Flowers to direct sunlight or any other source of heat.
  • As the Flowers arrived, Give Them a proper cut and put in water to increase its lifespan
  • Put the flowers in a vase, change the water daily.
  • Celebrate the joy of love and care.

Extra tip:

  • Keep the vase in cool places, In an AC room or under a fan as well as near windows for a long-lasting flower fragrance and freshness.
  • You can save the green paper and ribbon for any decoration purpose once you take off the Flowers.


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