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Carnation is the most mainstream and charming bloom. Its one of a kind appearance and lovely look wins the core of numerous individuals. Carnations express cherishing affections for the one we love and revere, making them a magnificent greenery blessing.

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Carnations are quite well-known and exemplary flowers that everyone loves. These flowers are mostly used in decorations of all ceremonies and occasions. These carnations are even said as most mainstream ones worldwide after roses. They look almost like roses but are thin and do have more open petals than roses do have. Do you know what makes them famous? It is because they are available at very regular and affordable prices. They are enduring contrasted flowers with the best fragrance, soft texture, and beautiful tone. We get many varieties of carnations around 300 species that are different in colour, representation, size, and other growing conditions. The colors include red, white, pink, orange, yellow, and many others. Now our website has started online flower delivery Doha Qatar. Just go through our website to know more about it.

History of Carnations

The scientific name of carnation is Dianthus Caryophyllus. This is a local word to Eurasia that signifies a flower of divine beings. It is all about being happy and lovable. This cute flower of happiness has grown on the slopes in Greece. There are gardens of carnations with a beautiful atmosphere that make people mesmerized when they see them. This flower was noticed by a greek botanist and he named this flower Theophrastus. In the Greek language, the word means god Zeus (Dios) and bloom (Anthos). Both words Dios and Anthos together brought a name, Theophrastus. Its originally realized verifiable reference is its utilization in festoons by Greeks and Romans. The regular name may come from the words crowning ordinance or Corone (bloom wreaths) from this first utilization of them.  Marhaba florist has a carnation collection on the website that makes everyone buy it. Marhaba florist is known as the best flower shop in Qatar.

Do you know? Carnations can last as long as three weeks with legitimate consideration. We can keep them to direct daylight or away from cold drafts or warmth sources like chimneys, wood stoves, or constrained air heat vents. This helps the carnations last for a longer time yet with a beautiful presence. Likewise, with many cut blossoms, cool room temperatures (55 to 65 degrees) are ideal for the longest life. 

Colours and Their Representation of carnations

Carnations fill in a wide assortment of colours including pink, white, red, yellow, and red. We can send or give carnations on different occasions. They are famous flowers for all occasions. Mostly carnations take part in decorations of different occasions. It may be an anniversary, wedding, baby shower, birthday, reception, corporate event or any other event. Carnations are the best choice for decoration as they are beautiful as well as affordable for every common man. Here are some beautiful colours of carnations with their symbolization according to their colour.

All carnations have different meanings. Whenever we think of white we remember peace and calmness. All white carnations are the representation of peace, calmness, immaculateness, and karma.  

Light red carnations represent deference. The red carnation is identified with the outflow of sentiments like regard, warmth, reverence, and love.

Yellow carnations represent dissatisfaction or dismissal. While they are staggeringly lovely, yellow carnations don't have the most joyful significance. Representing disillusionment and dismissal, yellow carnations are ideal to ship off somebody you need to say sorry to. They're additionally worthy to send amid compassion. Marhaba florist provides the best online flower delivery Doha Qatar than anyone.