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  • 8 golden ballons
  • 8 Silver balloons

These balloons will seem extraordinary whether they are rounding out to balance the design layout or something different. Ballons are important sections of wedding shower, wedding party, birthday parties, or any other rare occasions, utilize these BALLOON for a complement to some amassing subject or pruning scheme. It would really create the collecting exceptional, attractive, and more amusing to everyone, It is possible to make any strategy or fashion of enrichment with those balloons. These balloons make sure to sparkle! We do the best and on time online flowers and cake delivery in Qatar.

Balloons Facts:

  • A long time ago, balloons were made out of animal bladders. Now small balloons are made from a thin and stretchy material like rubber or plastic. Big balloons are made from fabric.
  • A balloon is a bag that is usually filled with gas. This gas can be helium, hydrogen, or air. 

Product Delivery Information:

  • The picture shown is similar to the actual product. The original one may differ in package cover and design considering the availability. 
  • The delivery time will be perfect and relies upon the accessibility of the product and it reaches the preferred location in time. 
  • Mention the exact and correct address. The delivery cannot be redirected to any other address. 
  • This item is hand-delivered and won't be delivered through courier items. 

Handle with care:

  • Get the Balloons far from Children, as uninflated or broken balloons can cause gagging. 
  • The inflatables will be hung utilizing cello tape as we don't utilize helium because of its suffocation properties. 
  • Eliminate the cello tape following the occasion is finished. In the event that the cello tape is making harm to the divider, utilizes a hairdryer to blow hot air on the tape as it will forestall the harm.

Special note: 

  • The normal helium balloons last up to 8-10 hours.
  • Foil helium balloons last up to 24 hours


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